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Mixed Fontána Choir Mariánské Lázně

The Mixed Fontána Choir Mariánské Lázně

was founded in 1968 as a part of the Cultural and Social Centre in Mariánské Lázně. Since 1992 it has operated as an independent artistic body named after the famous "Singing Fountain" in the town.

                At the present time the Mixed Fontana Choir has about 40 members, amateur singers of various professions. The choir was led by several experienced conductors (V. Nováček, M. Hubatý). Since 1989  it has been conducted by Mr. Pavel Urban, Pilsen Conservatoire graduate. The choir has successfully performed even abroad - in Italy, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Poland and hosted many choirs from foreign countries.

During its numeral nahradit: concerts both in the Czech Republic and abroad the Mixed Fontána Choir has performed various compositions from its rich repertoire. It includes spiritual songs from the 15th - 20th centuries, Italian madrigals, Czech and European folk songs, American spirituals, cycles of songs by A. Dvořák, B. Smetana, B. Martinů and P. Eben, opera choirs and cycles of Christmas songs by A. Tučapský, A. Michna from Otradovice, F. Stecker etc.

The Mixed Choir Fontána has studied lots of large vocal compositions by both Czech and world famous authors (J. Haydn - Creation; A. Dvořák - Stabat Mater, Wedding Shifts, Mass in D major; J. K. Vaňhal – Mass in C major; L.van Beethoven - Fantasia in C minor, Symphony No. 9; L. Janáček - Mass in B major; J. J. Ryba - Czech Christmas Mass "Hail Master!"; Z. Lukáš - Christmas Mass "Let us  all rejoice wtith the Lord"; M. Bok - Oratorio Saint Zdislava, Missa Solemnis; A. Vivaldi - Gloria in D major; W. A. Mozart - "Sparrow Mass" - Missa Brevis in C major, Requiem, Coronation Mass).

                Nowadays, the choir cooperates with West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra in Mariánské Lázně, with Symphony Orchestra in Karlovy Vary and with the choirs in Czech - German region. The choir participates in as many as 30 concerts and performances every year. Opening spa season concerts in Mariánské Lázně, opera evenings, choir meetings, Advent and Christmas concerts these all are the regular part of its year programme.

                The choir performances accompanied by the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra are always considered to be the top of the concert season. For the last 8 years the choir itself has organised Maria Festival of Spiritual Music in Mariánské Lázně.



Smíšený pěvecký sbor FONTÁNA
Ruská 427/30, 35301 M. Lázně, CZ
Zkušebna: Dům Chopin, Hlavní 47.
dočasně Městská knihovna Hlavní třída 370/3

+420 702420981
IČO: 47725184


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